Last Friday, 5th July, members of the consortium had the mid term meeting, as required of all RISE projects, while joined by the EU commissioner Simona Losmanova.

Members of the project, namely work package leaders, site leaders, and seconded researchers, flew in from all around the globe to Leicester for the meeting. The five work package leaders each gave a summary of the work done so far in each work package. It was established from these presentations that numerous publications and collaborations have emerged in the past year and a half: ones which would not have been possible without the project. Furthermore, throughout the meeting, it was evident that the ease of mobility provided by BehAPI gives the researchers a better chance to expand their horizons and obtain more opportunities within their field.

Apart from some personal issues and staff movement which is being taken care of, the consortium is on track with all its plans, and foresees no major risks or hurdles. All members are enthusiastic and looking forward to continue working within this project, to foster new relationships worldwide, and to continue producing more research and tools with the aim of enhancing the API economy.


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