Universidad de Buenos Aires

Hernán Melgratti

University of Buenos Aires yields to the consortium the strong expertise of the software engineering group, which spans from model-based techniques for reasoning about system requirements and design, to scenario-based languages, to behaviour model synthesis, to model-based testing and formal foundations of software design approaches. The group has also a strong expertise on programming languages, service-oriented systems, and behavioural types. The group has ongoing collaborations related to WP2, WP3 and WP4 with University of Kent and University of Leicester, with joint publications (ESOP 2009, CONCUR 2011, ESOP 2014, LMCS 2013). Such collaborations are strengthened in BEHAPI by interactions with University of Bologna, University of Torino, Xibis, Actyx, DCR Solutions, IT University of Copenhagen, University of Malta, NOVA. The software engineering group contributes with techniques for behavioural specification, static and dynamic verification, automated test generation, model inference and adaptability.

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