This deliverable reports on the results of the task “T.2.1: Current practices and state-of-the-art of Application Program Interface (API) provision” of the work package (WP) 2 “API Provision”. The goals of WP 2 are to develop and enhance languages tailored to the rigorous and human friendly description of behavioral APIS (b-APIs). Activities in WP 2 are tailored to the definition of techniques to (semi-)automatically generate b-API descriptions from source code; to develop validation and verification techniques to assure that the documentation of a b-API is aligned with its implementation, in both its functional and non-functional requirements. The task T.2.1. was designed in order to address the Objective O.2.1 “Surveying current practice in API provision”, i.e., to analyse the problems that providers face when creating and managing APIs; spelling out limitations of current approaches and technologies for API development; and identifying opportunities for improvements in the software development process.

This is a public deliverable, and can be found here.


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