During my secondment at ITU, we explored different extensions of my previous work of  Dynamic Reconfiguration of Business Processes. More in detail, business processes, which are behavioural representations of organization’s activities, are derived from requirements. These requirements may change during business process life time due to several reasons. We have previously proposed a solution for the update of business processes during execution, using Dynamic Condition Response Graph (DCR Graph), developed by DCR. In particular, we explore alternative solutions in order to address the same problem but attaining  scalability issues.

We developed a new approach addressing the same problem but considers also inputs that do not require the controller synthesis. The current solution can only deal with  particular inputs; current work is on generalising the solution to larger clases of inputs. The main idea is that the analysis of the shape of the outputs would allows us to devise an algorithm to automatically generate the solution.

This secondment was related to Task T.3.7 –  (O.3.2 & O.3.3).

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