Electromagnetic (EM) hyperthermic technologies hold great potential in the treatment of diseases, especially for cancers that are resistant to standard regimens. These technologies modify tissue temperature: hyperthermia heats the diseased tissue to make it susceptible to treatments, and ablation heats the tissue until it is destroyed. Hyperthermia is particularly effective in treatment of cervical and breast cancer, head and neck cancers, sarcoma in adults, and germ cell tumours in children; while radiofrequency and microwave ablation offer promise for treating liver, kidney, and lung cancers.

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MyWave Meeting July 8-9 in Sibiu, Romania.

MyWave Cost Action meeting focusing on the topics of working group 1 and 2 (dielectric and thermal properties & thermal…

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Dr. Malcolm Caligari Conti received an ITC grant from MyWave COST Action

Dr. Malcolm Caligari Conti is with the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science at the University of Malta. He received…

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Julian Bonello one of the ITC grant recipients presented his work recently at EUCAP 2019

Julian Bonello one of the ITC grant recipients presented his work recently at EUCAP 2019. Keep reading to learn more…

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Working Groups

Working Group 1

WG1: Advancing knowledge of dielectric and thermal properties, will focus on fundamental dielectric and thermal research of biological tissues, with…

Working Group 2

WG2: Better thermal-based EM therapeutics, will consist of three FAs: (i) optimising the technology for existing thermal-based EM applications and…

Working Group 3

WG3: Commercialisation pathways for medical devices, will support the commercial translation of EM therapeutic technologies through two FAs: (i) provide…