Political Parties

This section contains: 

A list of Maltese political parties [XLS]
The names, acronyms and years in which they competed.  

Election Manifesto Texts
A (still incomplete) collection of electoral programs published by political parties prior to elections since 1947.

Votes won by parties, nationally
Nation-wide vote totals and percentages from 1921 to 2013.

Votes won by parties, by election district [XLS]
Vote totals and vote percentages, for each district, 1921 - 2013.

Parliamentary seats won by parties, nationally [XLS]
Number and percentages of seats for elections from 1921 to 2013.

Parliamentary seats won by parties, by district [XLS]
Seats won and contested for, in each district, 1921 - 2013.

A Pattern of Stability
Parties' Seats, by District, 1976 - 2013.

Votes and seats of minor parties [PDF] - Comment, table and figure on the fortunes of small parties in Malta.

A draft paper on "Malta: STV in a two-party system" [PDF].
STV is an electoral system which is essentially candidate-oriented, but has in Malta always been a party-oriented system. This paper surveys this phenomenon.

"Are Maltese party loyalties waning?" [PDF] is an article which sceptically examines recent claims that Maltese voters are becoming less loyal to their chosen party than they were in past years.