The Voters

Registered Voters and Voter Turnout

Registered Voters and Valid Votes, 1921 - 2013 [XLS] - Registered voters, non-voters and invalid votes on a national basis.

Registered Voters and Valid Votes, by Election District, 1921 - 2013 [XLS] - A Table for all elections since 1921, by election district.

A related tabulation shows the size of District quotas from 1921 to 2013 [XLS].


The Distribution of Registered Voters

Distribution of Registered Voters [XLS] contains comments and graphics on changes in the number of voters per parliamentary seat and the unequal distribution of registered voters among the electoral districts.


Voter Qualifications

The constitutional and statutory [PDF] provisions on voter registration, residency requirements and other aspects of voter eligibility.

A brief note [PDF] on legal challenges to voter elibility.


The Voters' Party Loyalty

The remarkably Party-oriented voting behavior in Malta is discussed in this article [PDF] on Maltese elections.

"Are Maltese party loyalties waning?" [PDF] - an article which skeptically examined the claim that Maltese voters have become less loyal to their party than they were in the past.