As from 1 January 2013, time-sheets are submitted electronically through Agresso. Access the short video tutorials instructing you how to fill in and submit your timesheets electronically.
All those Resident Academics and Research Support Officers that are working on one or more externally funded projects are required to submit electronic timesheets.
Once a timesheet is submitted by the initiator, it goes through two levels of approvals:
(1) from the immediate superior (project co-ordinator or pro-rector as applicable); and
(2) from Project Support.

Therefore, whether you are an initiator, an approver or both, please make sure that you check your Inbox regularly for any outstanding timesheet approval tasks. This is particularly important for those project persons whose pay depends strictly on the submission of a timesheet.
The approved timesheets report should reach the Salaries Section by the 10th working day following the end of a pay period. This means that a timesheet needs to be fully approved by not later than the 9th working day following a pay period.  For example, timesheets for the period 01 Jan 2019 - 28 Jan 2019 should reach the Salaries Section by Tuesday 11 February 2019.  This means the two-level approval mentioned in FAQ 4.3 must be completed by Monday 10th February (preferably before). Project Support shall then forward all 'payable' timesheets to the salaries office on the 10th working day as applicable.
As the 'project timesheet person', you may obtain additional help or clarifications through the respective Project Support Officer assigned to your project(s). The name/s of each project's respective Project Support Officer can be accessed by clicking on 'Choose a Funding Programme' and then select the correct programme for your project.
(i) Whenever the time booked on a project is already paid for by the University (i.e. irrespective of whether you work on the project or not) then that time should be coded 'PT' in the timesheet.
(ii) Whenever the time booked need to be remunerated (i.e. you will be paid against the hours booked) then that time need to be coded 'PTX'.
(i) Use 'VL' against subproject VACNLV1-01 to record Vacation Leave (where applicable)*
(ii) Use 'PH' against subproject PUBHOL1-01 to record Public Holidays (where applicable)*
(iii) Use 'SL' against subproject SICKLV1-01 to record Sick Leave (where applicable)
(iv) Use 'SP' against subproject SPECLV1-01 to record Special Leave (where applicable)
(v) Use 'UP' against subproject UNPDLV1-01 to record Unpaid Leave (where applicable).
*Please note that Vacation Leave and Public Holidays should be recorded in the timesheets ONLY if your work at the UoM is entirely on externally funded projects. Therefore these subprojects and the respective time codes should be used by Research Support Officers, Project Officers, Project Assistants and Project Support staff but NOT by academics who do not record all their UoM time on the timesheets.
            Whenever the time for absence needs to be remunerated, i.e. you will paid against the hours booked, then that time needs to be coded 'VLX', 'PHX', 'SPX', 'SLX'.
General payment issues are dealt with by the Operations Section of the Finance Office. You may view the information and contact details here. In the case of payment issues relating to salaries, please contact the Salaries Section.
In this case please inform Karen Cacciattolo in order to start the process. Please make sure that you have signed the contract of employment and also informed the IT Services in order to be able to provide you with a UM email address.
For those projects which require reporting of costs split by work packages, the time sheet person must make sure that the respective work package is also indicated for each time sheet entry. Note that the time sheet module will not allow the submission of the time sheet if the work package is not indicated (where applicable).
Horizon2020 projects may require reporting by activities namely, RTD, Management, Co-ordination, Support, Demonstration and Other.  Please liaise with the respective Project Support Officer to receive guidance on how to account for your hours against each of these applicable activities.
Hours worked by resident academics which are not related to externally funded projects can be booked on time sheets against the following sub-projects and time codes:
(i) TEACHTS-01: Teaching Time (time sheets) - Time code T
(ii) ADMINTS-01: Administration Time (time sheets) - Time code A
(iii) RSRCHTS-01: Personal Research Time (time sheets) - Time code R
(IV) CONSLTS-01: Consultancy Time (time sheets) - Time code C.
In the time and expenses module of Agresso, click on the 'Report Workflow Enquiry', input your resource number and time sheet period.