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Collaboration with the University

We already collaborate with several organisations, both in the private and the public sector, in many ways. Come and talk to us about a tailored solution for your needs.


Accessing human resources

The highest concentration of students, graduates and technical experts exists at the University. We have recently launched a website for you to post industrial placements on offer, a great way to interact with students. If, on the other hand, you are looking for graduates, you can post job opportunities on our website too.


Identifying experts

In many cases, there is a need for technical expertise which is not necessarily available or needed on a permanent basis within an organisation. Such experts can be essential in development of new technology, improvement of internal processes or to innovate into new product spaces, new applications or new markets. To access such resources contact Malta University Consulting.

Accessing technology

If you want to explore technologies developed in Malta or need insight into an area of technology which is new to your organisation, we can help. Have a look at some of our technologies.


Collaborative research

We regularly apply for funding for research projects through which we would like to collaborate with industry. We can help you navigate this sector.


Contract research

For very well defined technical work, you may wish to take advantage of facilities and equipment available at the University and the expertise and experience of our academic staff and students to resolve internal issues or specific research and development needs. To access such resources contact Malta University Consulting.

Malta University Consulting also offers regular and bespoke training for continuous professional development.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Donate to the University of Malta to support a cause which benefits your organisation or one which is close to your heart through the Research Innovation & Development Trust


Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset within your company

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation offers a Master's in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship. It is targeted at those wishing to set up their own company as well as those who want to push ideas forward within their organisation. The course is offered in a variety of flexible options.


Supporting new businesses

The TAKEOFF Business Incubator offers a location on campus for your new business and services that will improve the chances of its success. Many organisations are interested in partnering with TAKEOFF in an effort to support such young start-ups. To learn more about how you can contribute visit the TAKEOFF website.


Contact Us


This is what some of our current partners have to say about working with us...

Altern Logo


"The team at the Knowledge Transfer Office has always been helpful and ready to find different methods of collaboration, for the best interest of all parties, applying expert know-how at every stage."


MPS Logo


"We are very much looking forward to building a working relationship with the University of Malta which is mutually beneficial to both companies. The university is a breeding ground for young emerging talent and as a creative agency we feel it is important to tap that market."


Exante Logo


"Exante believes in supporting and educating the next generation"


Malta Chamber Logo 

Malta Chamber Foundation Logo 

Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry

"The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry is pleased to note the successful collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Office. Together we have provided valuable input in fostering a healthy and dynamic cooperation between University and private enterprise. The institutions have supported and contributed towards the initiative of defining this working relationship through a Memorandum of Understanding and will continue to provide input in the formulation of initiatives which are able to transform such efforts into a tangible outcome."



Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA)

"Even if it does not go far back in time, MITA's relationship with the KTO is a budding one which bodes well for the many potential developmental areas that exist between ICT and other disciplines. KTO's open, flexible and "can do" approach is therefore an excellent premise for brokering what the country needs to strengthen and develop the digital economy."

Betsson Logo

Henrik Persson, CEO of Betsson stated that Betsson aims to play an important role in the future development of the gaming industry in Malta. The company views a long term relationship between the University, private enterprise and the Authority as an obvious requirement for continued positive development of the industry. Henrik Persson said that the company took a long term strategic decision when investing in Malta and those initiatives such as this award scheme are to be continued and extended to other areas of the business. The Betsson CEO concluded that the company considers itself privileged to have participated in the setting up of this initiative.

Dissertation on football results wins i-gaming student award [Link]

Recognition for Best Research in Gaming [Link]

Betsson 2011 Malta Student Gaming Award launched [Link]

Malta Student Award [Link]

The Betsson Malta Student Gaming Award [Link]

Best research on gaming and betting to be recognised by award [Link]

MCA Logo "Over the past years, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) collaborated closely with the University of Malta on research projects in fields of ICT and related regulation.  Such collaboration has certainly yielded positive results by creating a bridge between professionals and academia where the generation of knowledge in this domain is expected to contribute positively to the industry."
MRA Logo

"The MRA's experience with the University of Malta was positive, especially when it came to setting up meetings and the discussions that ensued with the various departments and institutes at the University of Malta. The Knowledge Transfer Office was pivotal in this regard since the Office liaised with the various departments of the University of Malta to identify academics that were either interested to discuss the research proposals put forth by the MRA or else were willing to propose innovative research proposals to the MRA."

Industry Placements
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Last Updated: 21 February 2019

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