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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bilingual classrooms in Malta : teaching mathematics content and languageFarrugia, Marie Therese
2017A case study on teaching mathematical language : an experience with 5-year-old childrenFarrugia, Marie Therese
2015Creating a Maltese register for mathematics in MaltaFarrugia, Marie Therese
2018-06Editorial [Malta Review of Educational Research, 12(1)]Buhagiar, Michael A.; Farrugia, Marie Therese; Bezzina, Leonard
2019Embracing multilingualism in Maltese schools : from bilingual to multilingual pedagogyParis, Anna; Farrugia, Marie Therese
2022Engaging in the discourse of fractions in a bilingual Maltese classroomFarrugia, Marie Therese
2018-09European Research into Mathematics Education (ERME) Column : introducing CERME’s thematic working group 9, ‘Mathematics and Language’Planas, Nuria; Farrugia, Marie Therese; Erath, Kirstin; Cooper, Jason
2016Frequency, significance and clarity : factors supporting the learning of mathematical vocabulary in bilingual classroomsFarrugia, Marie Therese
2021From everyday to scientific (mathematical) concepts : a Vygotskian interpretation of a young child’s speechFarrugia, Marie Therese
2003From one language to another : a semiotic interpretation of the translation of mathematical wordsFarrugia, Marie Therese
2019From policy to practice : giving attention to language in primary mathematics educationFarrugia, Marie Therese
2022From syllabi to learning outcomes : the use of online interviews to investigate educators’ views of curricular changeFarrugia, Marie Therese
2018A functional linguistics analysis of a mathematics register expressed through two languagesFarrugia, Marie Therese
2019Introduction to TWG09 : transforming language-sensitive mathematics education research into papers and postersPlanas, Nuria; Farrugia, Marie Therese; Ingram, Jenni; Schutte, Marcus; Jankvist
2018Learning fractions through two languages in an elementary classroom : the interrelation of Maltese and English with the mathematics register(s)Farrugia, Marie Therese
2018Malta Review of Educational Research : volume 12 : issue 1Buhagiar, Michael A.; Farrugia, Marie Therese; Bezzina, Leonard
2020Maltese teachers’ beliefs concerning the integration of children’s literature in mathematics teaching and learningFarrugia, Marie Therese; Trakulphadetkrai, Natthapoj Vincent
2021Mathematics through play : the influence of adult intervention on young children's shifts between play and mathematical discoursesFarrugia, Marie Therese
2012Moving from informal to formal mathematical language in Maltese classroomsFarrugia, Marie Therese
2017On semiotics and jumping frogs : the role of gesture in the teaching of subtractionFarrugia, Marie Therese