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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An analysis of the main laws regulating the dairy bovine farmer in MaltaSpiteri, Cristina
2010Analyzing the potential introduction of contract heifer raising in MaltaMagro, Sammy (2010)
2020Animal cruelty : harsher legislation or more enforcement?Farrugia, Christabelle (2020)
2013Assessing animal welfare on cattle, sheep and goat farms in Malta after the implementation of European Union policiesGrech, Darryl (2013)
2013Children's perceptions of animal crueltyCassar, Ruth (2013)
2023A comparative analysis of animal abuse penalties within the EU: the case for Maltese legal reformXuereb, Maya (2023)
2013Criminal liability in animal welfare : a comparative and critical analysisBorg, Christina M.
2021Enforceability of companion animal welfare law : a comparative analysisMuscat, Zoe (2021)
2016Equine welfare in the use of animal and animal-drawn vehicles on the road regulationsColombo, Raisa
2020Hunting : a crime or a pastime?Vella, Erika (2020)
2015The implementation of EU animal welfare policies on the breeding and slaughtering of farm animals in MaltaFenech Gonzi, Rachel (2015)
2012In the company of animals : a study on animal welfare policiesBuhagiar, Christine (2012)
2017Investigating and reporting animal illegalities ; what is being enforced?Saliba, Francesca Marie
2019-04Kultura Harga # 1Mercieca, Simon
2017Nisget Artna n.10 - Rebbiegha 2017Borg, Ramona
2017Nisget Artna n.11 - Sajf 2017Borg, Ramona
2018Nisget Artna n.14 - Sajf 2018Cauchi, Claire
2018Nisget Artna n.15 - Harifa 2018Cauchi, Claire
2018Nisget Artna n.17 - Rebbiegħa 2018Cauchi, Claire
2015Nisget Artna n.4 - Ħarifa 2015Borg, Ramona