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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Appendix 3 : case studies : students' drama on professional care-
2010Aspects of midwifery care for asylum seeking women during labour.Mangion, Dorianne
2010Assessing and managing pain in the preterm in a noenatal intensive care unit setting.Cassar, Abigail
2007Bringing women's birth stories to light : a narrative study.Borg, Pauline
2011First-time pregnant women's views and behaviours about exerciseTabone, Kimberly
2011Going back to work after childbirth : women's lived experiences.Spiteri, Georgette (2011)
2010Midwifery students' clinical experiences on the labour wardGhigo, Valerie
2007Midwives' attitudes towards pregnant smokers.Micallef, Margaret
2011Midwives' knowledge and attitudes of substance misusing mothersCassar, Diana
2009Midwives' knowledge of antenatal depressionTeuma, Diana
2010Midwives' knowledge on skills to prevent perineal trauma.Attard, Charlene
2006The midwives' management of the third stage of labour : an observational study.Schembri Arena, Rodrica
2006Midwives' perception on fetal monitoring by cardiotocography during laborZammit, Charlene
2011Midwives' perspective of non-pharmacological pain relief in first stage of labour.Czeilinger, Csilla
2007Midwives' views and experiences of home birth.Bonnici, Daniela Maria
2007Midwives' views and experiences of home birth.Bonnici, Daniela Maria
2010Midwives' views and knowledge on babies' sleeping practices on the postnatal ward.Azzopardi, Jahel
2009Midwives' views and knowledge on nutrition and hydration during labourGauci, Jeanette
2010Midwives' views on continuity of care and caregiverFenech, Giliane
2010Mothers' and midwives' perceptions of waterbirths.Chircop, Christina