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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Common dietary patterns and risk of cancers of the colon and rectum : analysis from the United Kingdom Women’s Cohort Study (UKWCS)Rada-Fernandez de Jauregui, Diego; Evans, Charlotte E. L.; Jones, Petra; Greenwood, Darren C.; Hancock, Neil; Cade, Janet E.
2016Phytochemical analysis and antifungal activity of extracts from leaves and fruit residues of Brazilian savanna plants aiming its use as safe fungicidesBreda, Caroline Alves; Gasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Garcia, Vera Lucia; Monteiro, Karin Maia; Bataglion, Giovana Anceski; Nogueira Eberlin, Marcos; Teixeira Duarte, Marta Cristina
2019Resilience of biocontrol for aflatoxin minimization strategies : climate change abiotic factors may affect control in Non-GM and GM-Maize CultivarsGasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Rodriguez-Sixtos, Alicia; Verheecke-Vaessen, Carol; Garcia-Cela, Esther; Medina, Angel; Magan, Naresh
2020Biological control agents for mycotoxin control : are they resilient enough?Magan, Naresh; Gasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Putra Samsudin, Nik Iskandar; Rodríguez-Sixtos, Alicia; Garcia-Cela, Esther; Verheecke-Vaessen, Carol; Medina, Angel
2021Unveiling the effect of interacting forecasted abiotic factors on growth and aflatoxin B1 production kinetics by Aspergillus flavusGarcia-Cela, Esther; Verheecke-Vaessen, Carol; Gutierrez-Pozo, Maria; Kiaitsi, Elisavet; Gasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Magan, Naresh; Medina, Angel
2021Fungal diversity and metabolomic profiles in GM and isogenic non-GM maize cultivars from BrazilGasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Garcia-Cela, Esther; Sulyok, M.; Medina, Angel; Magan, Naresh
2022Comparison of growth and aflatoxin B1 production profiles of Aspergillus flavus strains on conventional and isogenic GM-maize-based nutritional matricesGasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Medina, Angel; Magan, Naresh
2022Efficacy of weak acid preservatives on spoilage fungi of bakery productsBrombilla Moro, Camila; Gonçalves Lemos, Jéssica; Gasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Stefanello, Andrieli; Valle Garcia, Marcelo; Venturini Copetti, Marina
2022Ecophysiology of OTA-producing fungi and its relevance in cured meat productsStefanello, Andrieli; Gasperini, Alessandra Marcon; Venturini Copetti, Marina
2023The role of temperature and carbon dioxide climatic stress factors on the growth kinetics of Escherichia coliRoufou, Styliani; Griffin, Sholeem; Attard, Juan; Katsini, Lydia; Polańska, Monika; Van Impe, Jan F. M.; Gatt, Ruben; Valdramidis, Vasilis P.
2020Nutritional support in cancer patients : radiographers’ perceptionsDimitrova, Angelina Yurieva; Jones, Petra; Albertus van Dijk, Gerrit
2020Nutritional support in cancer patients : radiographers' perceptionsDimitrova, Angelina Yurieva; Jones, Petra; Albertus van Dijk, Gerrit
2011Inhibition and disaggregation of α-synuclein oligomers by natural polyphenolic compoundsCaruana Grech Perry, Mario; Högen, Tobias; Levin, Johannes; Hillmer, Andreas; Giese, Armin; Vassallo, Neville
2018Nutrition : an important component of health among older adultsCaruana Grech Perry, Mario; Vassallo, Neville
2018The diphenylpyrazole compound anle138b blocks Aβ channels and rescues disease phenotypes in a mouse model for amyloid pathologyHernandez, Ana Martinez; Urbanke, Hendrik; Gillman, Alan L.; Lee, Joon; Ryazanov, Sergey; Agbemenyah, Hope Y.; Benito, Eva; Jain, Gaurav; Kaurani, Lalit; Grigorian, Gayane; Leonov, Andrei; Rezaei-Ghaleh, Nasrollah; Wilken, Petra; Teran Arce, Fernando; Wagner, Jens; Fuhrman, Martin; Caruana Grech Perry, Mario; Camilleri, Angelique; Vassallo, Neville; Zweckstetter, Markus; Benz, Roland; Giese, Armin; Schneider, Anja; Korte, Martin; Lal, Ratnesh; Griesinger, Christian; Eichele, Gregor; Fischer, Andre
2021The (potential) impact of seasonality and climate change on the physicochemical and microbial properties of dairy waste and its managementRoufou, Styliani; Griffin, Sholeem; Katsini, Lydia; Polanska, Monika; Van Impe, Jan F. M.; Valdramidis, Vasilis P.
2020-12Public health nutrition : current challenges and reflectionsCopperstone, Claire
2020Generation of plasma functionalized water : antimicrobial assessment and impact on seed germinationDarmanin, Martina; Kozak, Dmytro; Oliveira Mallia, Jefferson de; Blundell, Renald; Gatt, Ruben; Valdramidis, Vasilis
2020Perspectives from CO+RE : how COVID-19 changed our food systems and food security paradigmsBakalis, Serafim; Valdramidis, Vasilis; Argyropoulos, Dimitrios; Ahrne, Lilia; Chen, Jianshe; Cullen, P. J.; Cummins, Enda; Datta, Ashim K.; Emmanouilidis, Christos; Foster, Tim; Fryer, Peter J.; Gouseti, Ourania; Hospido, Almudena; Knoerzer, Kai; LeBail, Alain; Marangoni, Alejandro G.; Rao, Pingfan; Schlüter, Oliver K.; Taoukis, Petros; Xanthakis, Epameinondas; Impe, Jan F.M. van
2020Characterization of indigenous lactic acid bacteria in cow milk of the Maltese Islands : a geographical and seasonal assessmentGarroni, Elisa; Doulgeraki, Agapi I.; Pavli, Foteini; Spiteri, David; Valdramidis, Vasilis
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 44