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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The visual culture of death in Malta : 1675-1814 art and the rituals of death in an age in which plague was a feared realityAttard, Christian (2016)
2016Artistic perceptions on the state and significance of the natural environmentLewis, Leanne
2016Modern irregular Argonauts : an artistic representation on the experiences of irregular immigrantsCalleja, Clint
2016The aesthetics of decomposition : a study into the representation of the process of human decomposition within a fine art context, and its symbolic connotations to aspects of the human conditionAmaira, Jeremy Nikolai
2016An analysis of the aesthetic qualities of political public monuments in post-independence MaltaScalpello, Chantel-Marie
2016Architects and their patrons as depicted in Malta in seicento and settecento paintingsPortelli, Sarah
2016Decorated paper in the notarial archivesParisi, Stephanie
2016Isabelle Borg : Art and feminist perceptionsPace, Abigail
2016An analysis on the history of alchemical philosophy through artistic experimentation and its influence on contemporary artFarrugia, Matthew
2016The Greek Catholic church of Our Lady of Damascus, Valletta : its destruction in the blitz of the second world war and post : war reconstructionPace, Nicole
2016The art and architecture of Fontana parish church, Gozo : 1893-1968Muscat, Jessica
2016The context of Stefano Erardi’s paintings in the old Mosta parish churchMicallef, Christabel
2016Antonio Sciortino, Antonio Sant’Elia and Vladimir Tatlin : architecture of space : the city and the monument in the twentieth centuryCamilleri, Alexandra Mara
2016The paintings at the Msida parish churchGrech, Astrid
2016L’enigmatico Cassarino and regional caravaggism in early 17th-century MaltaFenech Sevasta, Eric
2016Paleo-Christian, Byzantine and Muslim art and architecture on the Maltese islands : an art historical gazetteerMizzi, Audrey Rose
2016Quadripartite ribbed roofing systems of buildings in Malta dating to the early days of the Order (1530 – c.1660)Galea, Lisa
2016The decorative scheme and context of the ceiling at St. Paul’s Shipwreck Church, Valletta (1900-1906)Cassar, Yasmin
2016'It-Taraġ' : M.A. project discussing contemporary public art as an art for social debateAttard, Noel
2016The evolution of the 'Porto delle galere' : from the era of the Order of St. John to the British colonial periodGalea, Luke
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 24

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