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Title: Supporting family carers of older people in Europe : the national background report for Malta
Authors: Troisi, Joseph
Formosa, Marvin
Keywords: Caregivers
Older people -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Lit Verlag
Abstract: Although Malta has a good and extensive formal care provision, the majority of care is still provided by family members in the formal sector. The central role played by the family as the principle provider of care for elderly members is still maintained and the exchange of obligations are still the basis of family relations. It is, however, necessary to examine the social and cultural changes which have been shaking society at large and the family in particular. Among the emerging trends of family changes one notes the reduction in family size and their dispersion as a result of which the number of potential carers for dependent old family members is being drastically reduced. Moreover, the changing role of women and their ever increasing participation in the labour force outside the home, further diminishes their availability as caregivers. It can no longer be assumed that female relatives will be available for full-time care. Furthermore, because of increased longevity, younger relatives, mainly daughters who used to be expected to take care of the elderly relative especially those who are frail are more likely to be already old themselves. Consequently, the needs of the frail elderly can no longer be met by the family alone without the support of specialised programmes and services sponsored by the State.
ISBN: 3825892476
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