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Title: The values of inclusive education : a political debate
Authors: Maric, Liliana
Keywords: Inclusive education -- Malta
Students with disabilities -- Malta
Education, Higher -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017-12
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Maric, L. (2017). The values of inclusive education : a political debate. Malta Review of Educational Research, 11(2), 261-275.
Abstract: The ontology of lived experiences of young people with physical and sensorial disabilities was used to understand the experience of inclusive education (IE) within further education (FE) and higher education (HE) institutions in Malta. The inquiry problematised the environmental, social and educational disabling and enabling factors. Underlying values of inclusion and exclusion that promoted social cohesion or social conflict emerged from the discourse. This research paper focuses on the accounts of four disabled young people. Seven semi-structured interviews were carried out per participant over two years while they were attending a course at FE and HE level. Narrative analysis was utilised to understand the underlying themes of the stories. The analysis indicates that successful stories of inclusion are influenced by the extent to which disabled and non-disabled persons practise values that promote social cohesion within a community. Virtues of social cohesion affect the extent to which environmental and educational disabling barriers are challenged and changed. The evidence from this study contributes to the debate that active participation of disabled young people, valuing the voice of others, embracing values of inclusion, and the appreciation of individual’s variations inculcate growth in the quality of IE. Social transformation affects the environmental and educational milieu within FE and HE institutions.
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MRER, Volume 11, Issue 2

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