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Title: Training to temper : emotional learning for young people
Authors: Cefai, Carmel
Camilleri, Cassi
Keywords: Emotional intelligence -- Study and teaching
Social learning -- Study and teaching
Educational psychology
Well-being -- Children
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: University of Malta
Citation: Camilleri, C. (2018). Training to temper: emotional learning for young people. THINK Magazine, 24, 16-19.
Abstract: Life is life, they say. Trial and error. You live and learn. But how many times have you been frustrated with yourself because you 'never learn' from your mistakes? How many times have you found yourself in a rough spot because deadlines are a dime a dozen and your to-do list is insurmountable? Your phone is ringing off the hook. All the people you have been ignoring are sending angry emails. You have not slept properly in days. All the while, you continue to dig your heels in, creating more issues with the people around you because you are so overwhelmed you cannot communicate like a decent human being. You are 40. Still think learning from experience is the only way you can go about this?
ISSN: 23060735
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Think Magazine, Issue 24
Think Magazine, Issue 24

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