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Title: Aip regulates cAMP signalling and GH secretion in GH3 cells
Authors: Formosa, Robert
Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela
Vassallo, Josanne
Keywords: Pituitary gland -- Tumors
Cellular control mechanisms
AH receptor-interacting protein
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Bioscientifica Ltd.
Citation: Endocrine-Related Cancer. 2013, Vol. 20, p. 495–505
Abstract: Mutations in the aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein (AIP) gene have been linked to predisposition to pituitary adenomas. However, themechanism bywhich this occurs remains unknown. AIP interacts with a number of interesting proteins, including members of the cAMP signalling pathway that has been shown to be consistently altered in pituitary tumours. The functional role of Aip was investigated using both over-expression and knock down of Aip in GH3 cells. cAMP signalling and its downstream effectors, including GH secretion, were then investigated. cAMP signalling was analysed using cAMP assays, cAMP-response element-promoter luciferase reporter assays, real-time PCR and finally secreted GH quantification. Over-expression of wild-type (WT)-Aip reduced forskolin-induced cAMP signalling at the total cAMPlevel, luciferase reporter activity and target gene expression,when compared withempty vector and the non-functional R304Xmutant. Additionally,GHsecretion was reduced in WT-Aip over-expressing GH3 cells treated with forskolin. Knock down of endogenous Aip resulted in increased cAMP signalling but a decrease in GH secretion was also noted. Inhibition of phosphodiesterase activity using general and selective inhibitors did not completely ablate the effect of Aip on forskolin-augmented cAMP signalling. A mechanism by which Aip acts as a tumour suppressor, by maintaining a low cAMP signalling and concentration, is suggested. Mutations of Aip render the protein incapable of such activity. This effect appears not to be mediated by the AIP–PDE interaction, suggesting the involvement of other interacting partners in mediating this outcome.
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