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Title: Images from a drowned prehistoric landscape : the eastern side of the maltese archipelago
Authors: Angeletti, Lorenzo
Foglini, Federica
Galve, Jorge Pedro
Micallef, Aaron
Pasuto, Alessandro
Prampolini, Mariacristina
Soldati, Mauro
Taviani, Marco
Tonelli, Chiara
Keywords: Morphology -- Statistical methods
Geomorphology -- Malta
Submarine geology -- Research
Submarine topography -- Malta
Global environmental change -- Research -- Malta
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Angeletti, L., Foglini, F., Galve, J.P., Micallef, A., Pasuto, A., Prampolini, ...Tonelli, C. (2012). Images from a drowned prehistoric landscape: the eastern side of the maltese archipelago. Workshop Internazionale di Geo-Archeologia, Rome
Abstract: Offshore research carried out to map the seafloor on the north-eastern Maltese margin resulted in the first acquisition of multibeam bathymetric data imaging with detail the seascape. The surveys were conducted during cruises MEDCOR and DECORS in December 2009 and August 2011 respectively onboard R/V Urania. These missions mapped the north-eastern Maltese continental margin from off north Gozo to the southern tip of Malta. These data have been integrated by further high-resolution multibeam records acquired during cruise RICS 2010 onboard R/V Hercules on the shallow eastern margin between southern Gozo and north Malta.
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