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Title: Write a scientific paper (WASP) - a career-critical skill
Authors: Grech, Victor E.
Cuschieri, Sarah
Keywords: Research
Biometry -- Computer programs
Research -- Methodology
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Elsevier Ireland Ltd
Citation: Grech, V., & Cuschieri, S. (2018). Write a scientific paper (WASP) - a career-critical skill. Early Human Development, 117, 96-97. doi:10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2018.01.001
Abstract: The ability to write a scientific paper (WASP) is becoming progressively more critical because the “publish or perish” mantra is increasingly valid in today's world where success is judged by number of publications and quality of publications based on journals which publish the researcher's work. These metrics are used to gauge applicants in often cut-throat competitions for jobs and/or career advancement. However, the science and art of paper-writing comprise a vast panoply of different skills, from writing a proposal, to ethics and data protection applications, to data collection and analysis, to writing and dealing with editors and authors, and so on. Over the next few issues, Early Human Development will embark on a series of Best Practice Guidelines that will outline and explain the various requisite WASP skills while providing practical guidelines for paper writing. The purpose is to impart the authors' collective experience to trainees in this crucial aspect of career progress. This first set of WASP papers will mainly focus on statistical analysis using Excel™.
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