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Title: The inquisition in Malta (11) : the tribunal's sentences
Authors: Bonnici, Alexander
Keywords: Malta -- History -- Inquisition, 1561-1798
Malta -- History -- Knights of Malta, 1530-1798
Catholic Church -- Discipline
Inquisition -- Malta
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Ltd.
Citation: Bonnici, A. (1985). The inquisition in Malta (11) : the tribunal's sentences. Civilization, 19, 520-523.
Abstract: The notorious history of the Inquisition is directly attributed to the sentences that recommended the exercise of capital punishment. Many of these sentences were sensationalized when it is a known fact that innumerable other sentences were given without any publicity. These often amounted to a mere warning against persons who had been found guilty of various "misdeeds". The Inquisitor in Malta had varying responsibilities over people, but his authority was stronger in relation to persons whose duties depended directly on him. He was responsible for the appointment of various Ministers (officials) to help him in the running of the Tribunal. Their appointment was for an indefinite period, and a new Inquisitor would often retain the staff of his predecessor. The Inquisitor also appointed a number of Patentees who were wholly dependant on his wishes and whims. Anyone could be a patentee. But when Knights and members of the Clergy were appointed to these posts, the question of outright authority over them was difficult to assess. The Inquisitor, the Grandmaster and the Bishops were often at loggerheads. So after the first fifty years of the Inquisition Tribunal, it was decided that no more Knights and Priests should be appointed as Patentees. However, the appointment of these officials remained a problem as the Knights often interjected with their objections. The Inquisitor selected also his familiares, who were persons chosen from amongst the laity to surround him in the role of "his" immediate circle of relatives.
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