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Title: Negative behaviour from a general Star-4 system
Authors: Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre
Gatt, Ruben
Grima, Joseph N.
Keywords: Linear systems
Mathematical physics
Issue Date: 2018-09
Citation: Farrugia, P. S., Gatt, R., & Grima, J. N. (2018). Negative behaviour from a general Star-4 system. Auxetics 2018, 9th International Conference and 14th International Workshop, Auxetics and Related Systems with “Negative” Characteristics. Sheffield.
Abstract: There are a number of mechanisms that can lead to auxetic behaviours. Amongst these are the Star-n systems which are considered to be a subclass of re-entrant mechanism. This work looks into how the Star-4 can be generalised by having different internal angles and different ligament thicknesses. It will be shown that these changes can make the structure exhibit a more negative Poisson’s ratio. In particular, changing the ligament thicknesses can induce the Star-4 system to deform in different ways. The work also looks into the limitations exhibited by the Star-n systems and investigates how these can be overcome.
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