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Title: The archaeology of Malta & Gozo : 5000 BC - AD 1091
Authors: Bonanno, Anthony
Keywords: Archaeology -- Malta
Archaeology -- Malta -- Gozo
Malta -- Antiquities
Malta -- History -- Phoenician and Punic period, 8th century B.C.-218 B.C.
Malta -- History -- Classical period, 218 B.C.-535 A.D.
Malta -- History -- Byzantine rule, 535-870
Malta -- History -- Arab rule, 870-1090
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Heritage Malta
Citation: Bonanno, A. (2017). The archaeology of Malta & Gozo : 5000 BC - AD 1091. Malta : Heritage Malta.
Abstract: There is a surfeit of publications concerned with Malta's archaeological assets, ranging from guide books, some more reliable and exhaustive than other, to specialised scholarly literature focused on one period or another, one site or another, one category of remains or another. The book is designed to provide the more engaging and intelligent reader of Melitensia with an accurate and, at the same time, enjoyable overview of the early history of the Maltese islands and their inhabitants , without being overburdened with details and academic terminology characteristic of specialist works. The ancient history of the Maltese islands constitutes in many ways excellent samples of what has gone on in the past in this part of the world, most of all in the Central and Western Mediterranean. The book embraces the vast stretch of time of human presence on these islands, from at least 5000 BC to the eclipse of Roman civilization, that of its western empire in the course of the 5th century AD, followed by that of the Byzantine empire with the Arab conquest of AD 870. I have tried to present a succinct and updated but uncomplicated account of the early story of this young nation, intended to appeal both to the occasional visitors who want to give more meaning to their stay, and to those members of this same nation who do not have more time to dedicate to their own history. It is intentionally unencumbered by supporting bibliographical notation, but an updated list of titles for further reading is provided at the end. On the other hand, the text is made visually rewarding by splendid photography which brings out effectively the intrinsic qualities and merits of the physical heritage of "this fair land".
ISBN: 9789993257479
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