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Title: First-language grammar in the classroom : from consciousness raising to learner autonomy
Authors: Camilleri, Antoinette
Galea, Audrey
Keywords: Learner autonomy
Bilingualism -- Malta
Grammar, Comparative and general
Language and languages -- Philosophy
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Camilleri, A., & Galea, A. (1996). First-language grammar in the classroom : from consciousness raising to learner autonomy. Education, 5(4), 15-18.
Abstract: According to students grammar lessons are boring and tedious. If you ask them why they will tell you that almost all they do in grammar lessons is to study and to practice 'rules' (see Micallef 1995). When asked how they feel about learning 'grammar', Form 3 students at a Juniour Lyceum stated that grammar " ... tad-dwejjaq, fiha qabda regoli, u li fiha ma nifhmu xejn. Kollox trid tistudja bl-amment ghall-eiami" (it is tedious, full of rules that we do not understand. Everything has to be studied for the exam). When asked why they think they should learn grammar they replied that without it "ma niktbux Malti tajjeb u importanti ghax tkun fl-eiamf' (we cannot write Maltese correctly, and it is important for the exam). Form 1 students were also asked to give their opinion about grammar and grammar lessons. They think that they need to study grammar "biex nispellu tajjelf' (to spell correctly); and that grammar is" dik li toqghod taghmel hafna jien, int, huwa, hija. Konna ndum u nimlew pages fil-Year 6 biex ghamilna tal-junior!" (full of conjugations. We used to fill pages of them when we were preparing to sit for the 11 + examination). Little do they know that as native speakers they make constant use of grammar in their everyday communication!
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Education, vol. 5, no. 4
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