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Title: Genetic confirmation of the first Mediterranean record of Holacanthus africanus Cadenat, 1951
Authors: Deidun, Alan
Maggio, Teresa
Castriota, Luca
Falautano, Manuela
Franzitta, Giulio
Keywords: Freshwater angelfishes
Animals -- Classification
Fishes -- Behavior -- Genetic aspects
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Turkish Marine Research Foundation
Citation: Deidun, A., Maggio, T., Castriota, L., Falautano, M., & Franzitta, G. (2020). Genetic confirmation of the first Mediterranean record of Holacanthus africanus Cadenat, 1951. Journal of the Black Sea / Mediterranean Environment, 26 (1), 112-118.
Abstract: The first Mediterranean record of the pomacanthid Holacanthus africanus, caught within the Maltese waters, was assigned based on morphological and meristic characters. However, molecular and genetic analyses are required to confirm the taxonomic determination and avoid misidentification given the abundance of closely-related Pomacanthidae species and the biogeographic significance of this record for the Mediterranean. At the species level, the analyzed specimens gave a 99.7% identity match with H. africanus. This study represents yet another example of molecular analyses supplementing the conclusions of conventional morphological identification exercises.
ISSN: 13049550
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