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Title: Bilateral primary testicular lymphoma
Authors: Vassallo, Edith
Pullicino, Richard
Grech, Reuben
Mizzi, Adrian
Keywords: Lymphomas -- Diagnosis
Testis -- Tumors
Leukemia -- Treatment
Bone marrow cells -- Transplantation
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group
Citation: Vassallo, E., Pullicino, R., Grech, R., & Mizzi, A. (2014). Bilateral primary testicular lymphoma. BMJ Case Reports, 1-2.
Abstract: A 56-year-old man presented to his general practitioner with a painless, rapidly growing left testicular mass over a period of 3 months. The patient was a known case of type II diabetes mellitus and hypertension with no relevant surgical history. He did not report any dysuria, fever or weight loss. On examination, there was bilateral diffuse, non-tender testicular enlargement without regional lymphadenopathy. Sonographic assessment revealed an enlarged left hypoechoic testicle measuring approximately 5 cm in width and 8 cm in length. It demonstrated a diffusely heterogenous infiltrative pattern and increased internal Doppler flow. The right testicle measured 5 cm × 6 cm with otherwise similar sonographic findings.
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