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Title: A taxonomy of online marketing methods
Other Titles: Strategic corporate communication in the digital age
Authors: Hajarian, M.
Camilleri, Mark Anthony
Diaz, P.
Aedo, I.
Keywords: Marketing
Digital media
Internet marketing
Social media -- Marketing
Social media
Search engines
Search engines -- Programming
Issue Date: 2020-09
Publisher: Emerald
Citation: Hajarian, M., Camilleri, M.A., Díaz, P., & Aedo, I. (2020). A taxonomy of online marketing methods. In Camilleri, M. A. (Ed.), Strategic corporate communication in the digital age. Emerald, Bingley, UK.
Abstract: This chapter presents a systematic review of over thirty (30) types of online marketing methods. It describes different methods like email marketing, social network marketing, in-game marketing and augmented reality marketing, among other approaches. The researchers discuss that the rationale for using these online marketing strategies is to increase brand awareness, customer centric marketing and consumer loyalty. They shed light on various personalization methods including recommendation systems and user generated content in their taxonomy of online marketing terms. Hence, they explain how these online marketing methods are related to each other. The researchers contend that the boundaries between online marketing methods have not been clarified enough within the academic literature. Therefore, this chapter provides a better understanding of different online marketing methods. A review of the literature suggests that the ‘oldest’ online marketing methods including the email and the websites are still very relevant for today’s corporate communication. In conclusion, the researchers put forward their recommendations for future research about contemporary online marketing methods.
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