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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Emancipating the eye : the creation of atmosphere within music and architectureCallus, Martina (2020)
2020Lost in translation : home to historic house museumZammit, Elena (2020)
2020Narrative(s) : a conversation between space, program & eventXuereb, Daniel (2020)
2020Urban morphology and subjective well-beingSpiteri Binett, Daniela (2020)
2020Studying theatrical performances set in unconventional theatres, as a model for observing human behaviour in spaceFenech, Mattea (2020)
2020Continuity and change in historic contested townscapes : the case study of Mdina as a walled cityVassallo, Melanie (2020)
2020The gallarija in the Maltese built heritage: a typological studyVon Brockdorff, Nicola (2020)
2020Palliative architecture : bridging the gap between clinical hospitalisation and the sense of homeliness at end of lifeGrima, Jeanine (2020)
2020Intuitive flow : the design process as a two-minded gamePetrovic, Miguel (2020)
2020The relevance of architecture in the reformation of drug addictsGialanzè, Gracianne (2020)
2020Investigating sensuous correspondences within architecture of the local context : can this lived experience be captured?Grech, Clara (2020)
2020The architecture of remembrance : addressing cremationGrima, Nicole Marie (2020)
2020The role of memory in the context of changing urban fabricLia, Lara (2020)
2020To plan or not to plan : the role of participatory GIS in understanding the use of placeFarrugia, Shannon (2020)
2020From intent to actual : understanding the behaviour of individuals as a consequence of commercialised public space through a post occupancy approachCritien, Kristina (2020)
2020The poetic function in architecture : an exploration into the potential poetic agency of spaceCortis, Jake (2020)
2020Architectural and environmental psychology for school environments : the educators’ perspectiveCiantar, Robert (2020)
2020Interstitial urbanisation and loss of sense of place : the case of Tal-PietàCassar, Godwin (2020)
2020Venustas post-subjectivism : a study mediated through the local architectural contextCalleja, Ryan (2020)
2020Investigating materiality through material exploration : the case for MaltaCachia Mintoff, Faye (2020)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25

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