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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adapting a Maltese poem into an animated short filmZarb, Aaron (2021)
2021A siren's tale : exploring visual narrative through an adaptation of a Maltese folklore taleZammit, Rebecca (2021)
2021Exploring the space between clothing and the female body through film photographyVella, Sasha (2021)
2021Conceptual modular design within platform engineeringVella, Nicholas (2021)
2021An autoethnography in exploring the output of anxiety through creative workSpiteri, Maria (2021)
2021How can a social media design exhibition with focus on Instagram offer a safe space for migrants to discuss and reflect on moving home and its effects on self-identity?Schranz, Oksana (2021)
2021Mazda's evolution of designScicluna, Kristov (2021)
2021Exploring the use of augmented reality to enhance the creation of traditional artSant Fournier, Michael (2021)
2021Developing an improved quality of life through an anthropologically-driven design project in a local public spaceMuscat Filletti, Luigi (2021)
2021Body language, frame and animation : a stop motion studyMuscat, Stefan (2021)
2021The type that surrounds usPortelli, Naomi (2021)
2021'CUDDY' : digitising offline services within the driving license sector in order to develop a virtual hubMifsud, Eamonn (2021)
2021Moving placesMicallef, Cherise (2021)
2021Translating poetry into imagery through illustrationMeli, Jeanine Marie (2021)
2021Emotions and reactions through the interaction with sound : the nature of unusual sounds and their ability to invoke emotions and reactionsGalea, Matthew (2021)
2021A study into the narrative function of graphic design props that contribute to the illusion of fake authenticity in filmmakingFarrugia, Paige (2021)
2021A visual expression of emotion through fluorescent lightFarrugia, Nicole (2021)
2021An auto-ethnography in exploring a social media persona through self-portraitureGatt, Antonia (2021)
2021In reenactment : reconstructing memories through fictitious narrativeFarrugia, Martina (2021)
2021Designing a typeface based on TberfilDesira, Owen (2021).
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 38

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