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Title: Blockchain technologies as data storage for test results and certificates - the human factor
Authors: Pfeiffer, Alexander
Kriglstein, Simone
Bezzina, Stephen
Koenig, Nikolaus
Keywords: Artificial intelligence
Computer-assisted instruction
Information retrieval
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: ICERI
Citation: Pfeiffer, A., Kriglstein, S., Bezzina, S., & Koenig, N. (2020). Blockchain technologies as data storage for test results and certificates - the human factor. ICERI2020 Conference. 3430-3434.
Abstract: In the educational sector even the most sophisticated digital environments will not make human interaction obsolete, as learning and education are inherently social processes. This also means that any application that involves learning and assessment must deal with problems resulting from human error. Some of these problems can effectively be countered or excluded by Blockchain-based technologies. Especially in the case of retroactive manipulation of data, non-Blockchain systems are prone to manipulation, as even the most advanced safeguards cannot prohibit users with high enough access rights to manipulate existing data entries (this may be a mere annoyance when a well-meaning teacher edits a student’s attendance, but it can quickly become a large-scale problem when the recognition of diplomas is tampered with on an institutional level). As data stored on the Blockchain cannot be altered retroactively, the problem of tampering with existing data is to be ruled out. This conference paper looks at the role of humans in the use of state-of-the-art systems that store grades from exams and certificates on Blockchain, and aims at initiating a broad discussion whilst providing guidance for future developments.
ISBN: 9788409242320
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