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Title: Update on the Malta Seismic Network
Authors: Agius, Matthew R.
Galea, Pauline
D’Amico, Sebastiano
Keywords: Seismic networks -- Malta
Earthquake prediction -- Malta
Earthquake zones -- Malta
Seismology -- Observations
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Mistral Service
Citation: Agius, M. R., Galea, P., & D'Amico, S. (2015). Update on the Malta Seismic Network. Georisks in the Mediterranean and their mitigation, Valletta (pp. 276-278).
Abstract: The Central Mediterranean is one of the most seismically active and tectonically dynamic regions in the Mediterranean characterised by a system of extension in the north (Appenines), a slab rollback in the centre (Calabria) and a rift zone in the south (Sicily Channel), all within a general convergent setting between the African and European plates. Unlike the northern regions of the Central Mediterranean (and others such as along the Hellenic subduction zone), earthquake monitoring within the Sicily Channel has, so far, been inadequate. During the last two years the Seismic Monitoring and Research Unit (University of Malta) has been upgrading its earthquake monitoring capabilities, with the addition of new broadband seismic stations and state-of-the-art real-time monitoring. The new setup will not only help to investigate better the regional seismicity within the Sicily Channel, but will also facilitate early warning of potentially felt earthquakes originating hundreds of kilometres away from Malta. This investment is part of the project SIMIT (B1-2.19/11) funded by the Italia-Malta Operational Programme 2007–2013.
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