Last Saturday, the BehAPI workshop at ETAPS successfully took place, where speakers both from within and outside the project gave a number of interesting talks about Mechanising Proofs for Behavioural Types and Processes, and Behavioural Types for API-based software. In the final part of the workshop, an internal meeting was conducted, where project matters such as secondments and the upcoming Leicester summer school were discussed.

Attendees from within the project included Adrian Francalanza (UOM), Emilio Tuosto (ULEIC), Antonio Ravara (NOVA), Hernan Melgratti (UBA), Laura Bocchi (UKENT), Ornela Dardha (UGLA), Roland Kuhn (ACT),  Stephanie Balzers (CMU), Hans Huttel (AAU), Marco Carbone (ITU), Luca Padovani (UNITO) and Mario Bravetti (UNIBO).

The following presentations were given

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