This deliverable describes how the approaches followed in the project to support round-trip engineering of b-APIs (behavioural application programming interfaces) are supported by tools. The deliverable is related to the tasks “Top-down DevOps1 support” (T4.2), “Bottom-up DevOps support” (T4.3), and “Tool chains in the SDLCs of b-APIs” (T4.5) of work package 4 (WP4) “Tool support”. The goals of WP4 are to enhance and develop tools and methodologies for the reliability of API-based systems. A main goal is to support round-trip engineering by

  • adopting new model-driven approaches to account for behavioural properties of APIs in software quality,
  • developing reverse-engineering techniques (ranging from type inference to machine learning).

This report relates to engineering techniques for b-APIs (O.4.2), level of integration of artefacts (O.4.2), artefacts interoperability (O.4.3), and to continuous development (O.4.4). Management, testing, verification, and monitoring of b-APIs are crucial activities to entangle top-down and bottom-up features and devise round-trip engineering of b-APIs. The activities on T4.5 have been carried out during the second year and are still ongoing; hence all the related objectives have been partially achieved and will progress in the remaining period of the project.

This is a public deliverable and can be accessed here.

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