Library resources


Enhancing Library Support and Resources


This section is part of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025, which sets out the goals and priorities for the University, its faculties, departments, centres, institutes and schools. 


  Enabling Strategies


  • Enhance library resources
  • Develop scholarly information resources and information literacy skills
  • Reconfigure library areas to maximise study spaces and functionality
  • Encourage Open Access of scientific information and publications
  • Collect, preserve and disseminate the University’s research output
  • Compile and implement a Research Data Management Policy
  • Enhance the visibility of the Special Collections through digitisation
  • Develop archival resources to preserve institutional and national memory


The library will continue to play a vital role in engagement, development and academic achievement by providing a wealth of scholarly resources and services, both physical and virtual, and by equipping patrons with the necessary information literacy skills. 

We plan to reconfigure various library areas to maximise the use of study spaces and to cater for the emergent and diverse needs of patrons. The initiative will increase seating capacity, improve acoustics, provide space for facilities and allow the flexibility to remain functional on a 24/7 basis.

In line with international academic institutions, the library will continue to advocate in favour of Open Science. Subsequently, we will strive to ensure that all research output generated under the auspices of the University is collected, preserved and disseminated. Research output and all digitised content will be uploaded in the Institutional Repository OAR@UM to improve ease of access.

Furthermore, the library will compile and implement a Research Data Management Policy and provide the necessary infrastructure to support open data. 

In order to enhance the visibility and preservation of the library’s prestigious Special Collections, the library will embark on a digitisation project. We will develop archival resources to preserve our institutional and national memory. 





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