The University of Malta is currently constituted and governed in accordance with Part VII of the Education Act (Chapter 327 of the Laws of Malta). 

As the supreme governing body of the University of Malta, the Council is responsible for the general administration of the University and for appointing new staff members, both local and foreign, to the various academic and administrative posts.

The Senate is largely responsible for the academic matters, primarily regulating studies, research, documentation and examinations at the University. Entry regulations at the University of Malta are also established by Senate.

The Faculty Board directs the academic tasks of the Faculty and presents plans and proposals to the Senate and the Council. This Board determines the studies, teaching and research within the Faculty. Institutes, Centres and Schools are also governed by Boards that perform the same functions.

The administrative setup of the University of Malta involves a number of academic, administrative and technical staff members who are appointed or elected to the governing bodies of the University. The University Chancellor is Professor David J. Attard, and Professor Alfred J. Vella is Rector.

Governing Bodies
Principal & Other Officers