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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Again, Plato’s Garden, again : a responseAquilina, Aaron
2006-12-09Archetypal images of the unconsciousLagana, Louis
1998An art and craft programme as a teaching medium for primary schools with reference to GozoScerri, Patricia (1998)
2002-04-14Arts and entertainment : the tourism perspectiveEbejer, John
2016Chapter 12 : The artsVisanich, Valerie
2006-12-16A colourful realm of imagesLagana, Louis
2017-10Editorial [Antae, Vol. 4(2-3)]Aquilina, Aaron; Micallef, Jeffrey
2013An exploration of strategy formulation in a Maltese organisational context : an exercise in foresight and innovationLawlor, Cathy Therese (2013)
2018-08-12Giving the arts a stronger voiceVassallo, Raphael
2006-09-02In search of nature’s vitalityLagana, Louis
2016INCONTRI : where art meets scienceLagana, Louis
1957Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 1 : issue 1Aquilina, J.; Coleiro, Edward
1958Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 1 : issue 2Aquilina, J.; Coleiro, Edward
1959Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 1 : issue 3Aquilina, J.; Coleiro, Edward
1986The M.A.D.C. (1910-1985)Mompalao de Piro, J. C.
1985The Pappaffy MemorialGalea, Michael
2017Prolusione scientifica al convegno internazionale. Malta : letteratura, esperienze, e arti nel fulcro della Mediterraneita EuropeaFavaro, Angelo
2016To analyse the importance of culture tourism, with a special focus on the fine arts and how the local stakeholders are targeting this segment in order to attract more visitorsZammit, Christie
2017-10‘To challenge the perception of place’ : an interview with Adrian AbelaAntae Editorial Board