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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04-22An appreciation of Valletta as part of Malta's tourism productEbejer, John
2009Architectural projects and contextual issues in the 21st century : the Valletta City Gate scenarioCassar, Robert (2009)
2001-04-15Bringing new life to the capitalEbejer, John
2022Estimating the much-needed gain in new green spaces in Malta's capital city, VallettaGaldies, Charles
2018Exploring the socio-economic landscape of Valletta : a data driven approachScerri, Matthew (2018)
1987Il-Gzejjer : Issue 3 : 1987Department of Information (Malta)
2014Lost buildings and urban areas of the order of St John in VallettaMeli, Sylvana
2017Mapping culture and cultural interaction in view of Valletta 2018 European Capital of Culture (ECoC)Cremona, Vicki Ann
2018Openness : the case of the Valletta design clusterMercieca, Caldon
2016-04Proceedings of seminar : Valletta : beyond 2020Ebejer, John
2018Public viewscapes in historic urban landscapes : the city of VallettaGalea, James (2018)
2015-06-21Regenerating VallettaEbejer, John
2016Regenerating Valletta : a vision for Valletta beyond 2020Ebejer, John
2005The regeneration of Valletta : an evaluation of the aesthetic impact of specific projectsCachia, Joseph V. (2005)
2016Spaces for people : lessons from ValettaTorpiano, Alex
2019The tourist experience of heritage urban spaces : Valletta as a case studyEbejer, John; Smith, Andrew; Stevenson, Nancy; Maitland, Robert
2006Urban interventions through time and space : a study of post-war architectural insertions in VallettaMartin, Denise (2006)
2004Urban spaces in Valletta realising their full potentialEbejer, John
2009Valletta : a city in historyBianco, Lino
2013Valletta : a surrealist interpretationCamilleri, William Victor (2013)