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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The 5-HTTLPR promoter polymorphism in Parkinson’s diseaseMuscat, Ylenia
2015Acute nicotine induces anxiety and disrupts temporal pattern organization of rat exploratory behavior in hole-board : a potential role for the lateral habenulaCasarrubea, Maurizio; Davies, Caitlin; Faulisi, Fabiana; Pierucci, Massimo; Colangeli, Roberto; Partridge, Lucy; Chambers, Stephanie; Cassar, Daniel; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Benigno, Arcangelo; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2007Adverse subjective experience with antipsychotics and its relationship to striatal and extrastriatal D 2 receptors : a PET study in schizophreniaMizrahi, Romina; Rusjan, Pablo; Agid, Ofer; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mamo, David; Zipursky, Robert B.; Kapur, Shitij
2000Biochemical and electrophysiological evidence that RO 60-0175 inhibits mesolimbic dopaminergic function through serotonin2C receptorsMatteo, Vincenzo di; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Mascio, Michele di; Esposito, Ennio
2015Central serotonin-2A (5-HT2A) receptor dysfunction in depression and epilepsy : the missing link?Guiard, Bruno P.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2006Central serotonin2C receptor : from physiology to pathologyDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Matteo, Vincenzo di; Pierucci, Massimo; Benigno, Arcangelo; Esposito, Ennio
2008D2 receptor occupancy of olanzapine pamoate depot using positron emission tomography : an open-label study in patients with schizophreniaMamo, David; Kapur, Shitij; Keshavan, Matcheri; Laruelle, Marc; Taylor, Cindy C.; Kothare, Prajakti A.; Barsoum, Penny; McDonnell, David
2015Differential control by 5-HT and 5-HT1A, 2A, 2C receptors of phasic and tonic GABAA inhibition in the visual thalamusCrunelli, Vincenzo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2010Differentiating the cognitive profile of schizophrenia from that of Alzheimer disease and depression in late lifeTing, Christina; Rajji, Tarek K.; Ismail, Zahinoor; Tang-Wai, David F.; Apanasiewicz, Nina; Miranda, Dielle; Mamo, David; Mulsant, Benoit H.
2017Expanding the repertoire of L-DOPA’s actions : a comprehensive review of its functional neurochemistryDe Deurwaerdere, Philippe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Millan, Mark J.
2013High dose of 8-OH-DPAT decreases maximal dentate gyrus activation and facilitates granular cell plasticity in vivoOrban, Gergely; Pierucci, Massimo; Benigno, Arcangelo; Pessia, Mauro; Galati, Salvatore; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2013Hyperprolactinemia and estimated dopamine D2 receptor occupancy in patients with schizophrenia : analysis of the CATIE dataTsuboi, Takashi; Bies, Robert R.; Suzuki, Takefumi; Mamo, David; Pollock, Bruce G.; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Mimura, Masaru; Uchida, Hiroyuki
2009Impact of serotonin 2C receptor null mutation on physiology and behavior associated with nigrostriatal dopamine pathway functionAbdallah, Luna; Bonasera, Stephen J.; Hopf, F. Woodward; O'Dell, Laura; Giorgetti, Marco; Jongsma, Minke; Carra, Scott; Pierucci, Massimo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Esposito, Ennio; Parsons, Loren H.; Bonci, Antonello; Tecott, Laurence H.
2014Interdisciplinary chemical approaches for neuropathologyRamsay, Rona R.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2010Is desire for social relationships mediated by the serotonergic system in the prefrontal cortex? An [18F] setoperone PET studyGerretsen, Philip; Graff-Guerrero, Ariel; Menon, Mahesh; Pollock, Bruce G.; Kapur, Shitij; Vasdev, Neil; Houle, Sylvain; Mamo, David
2013-01-23Lateral habenula regulates temporal pattern organization of rat exploratory behavior and acute nicotine-induced anxiety in hole boardCasarrubea, Maurizio; Davies, Caitlin; Faulisi, Fabiana; Partdrige, Lucy; Chambers, Stephanie; Pierucci, Massimo; Colangeli, Roberto; Cassar, Daniel; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Benigno, Arcangelo; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2001Monitoring dopamine in the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal systems by microdialysis : relevance for mood disorders and Parkinson’s diseaseDi Giovanni, Giuseppe; Pierucci, Massimo; Matteo, Vincenzo di
2017Monoaminergic neuropathology in Alzheimer’s diseaseSimic, Goran; Babic Leko, Mirjana; Wray, Selina; Harrington, Charles R.; Delalle, Ivana; Jovanov-Milosevic, Natasa; Bazadona, Danira; Buee, Luc; Silva, Rohan de; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Wischik, Claude M.; Hof, Patrick R.
2017Neurobiology and neuropharmacology of monoaminergic systemsDe Deurwaerdere, Philippe; Ramsay, Rona R.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2011Neurobiology of delusions in Alzheimer’s diseaseIsmail, Zahinoor; Nguyen, Minh-Quan; Fischer, Corinne E.; Schweizer, Tom A.; Mulsant, Benoit H.; Mamo, David