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Title: Design and analysis of a MEMS-based electrothermal microgripper
Authors: Cauchi, Marija
Mollicone, Pierluigi
Grech, Ivan
Mallia, Bertram
Sammut, Nicholas
Keywords: Microelectromechanical systems
Finite element method
Equipment Design
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: CAE
Citation: Cauchi, M., Mollicone, P., Grech, I., Mallia, B., & Sammut, N. (2016). Design and analysis of a MEMS-based electrothermal microgripper. International CAE Conference 2016, Parma.
Abstract: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) have established themselves in various science and engineering domains. MEMS-based microgrippers provide several advantages in terms of compact size and low cost, and they play vital roles in microassembly and micromanipulation fields within both micromanufacturing and biological sectors. Microactuators based on different actuation principles have been devised to drive MEMS microgrippers. This paper presents a finite element model of a MEMS-based electrothermally actuated microgripper performed using CoventorWare ®. The microgripper design follows standard micromachining processes that make use of reactive ion etching where polysilicon acts as the main structural material while a chromium and gold layer is deposited on the structure for thermal actuation. The simulations are used to assess the performance of the microgripper and to optimise its operating parameters.
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