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Title: Seek data, then decide and act
Authors: Bezzina, Christopher
Keywords: School management and organization
School improvement programs
Issue Date: 1999-04
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Bezzina, C. (1999). Seek data, then decide and act. Education 2000, 5, 44.
Abstract: One of the main areas that all schools who are embarking on School Development Planning are called to explore is that of student performance. Whilst, in my opinion, this is an area one should not explore in the initial stages of school-based development, there will come a time when this area will need to be explored and indeed taken seriously. My main concern here is that as people and facilitators embark on such improvement efforts, too often, that work is based on ill-defined problems and limited understanding of the factors related to or causing current results. Frequently, school improvement planning is based on the latest trends or hot topics rather than being grounded in data about student performance.
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