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Title: Investigation of copper metal presence in cattle fodder, milk, hair and manure in Malta
Authors: Abeidi, Hend
Suda, David
Attard, Everaldo
Sinagra, Emmanuel
Keywords: Milk -- Analysis
Milk -- Testing
Copper -- Analysis
Dairy products -- Analysis
Dairy products -- Testing
Toxicity testing -- Malta
Absorption spectra
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: ICBEI
Citation: Abeidi, H., Suda, D., Attard, E., & Sinagra, E. (2019). Investigation of copper metal presence in cattle fodder, milk, hair and manure in Malta. 6th International Conference of Biotechnology, Environment and Engineering Sciences. Alexandria, 48-55.
Abstract: This study investigated the concentration of copper (Cu) present during the lifecycle of cattle in Malta to determine how metals enter and exit the animal, and their impact via the food chain on the human consumer. The determination of Cu in 10 cows from a dairy cattle farm located in Salina, Malta was estimated by taking milk (100), hair (100), fodder (15) and manure (10) samples over 10 weeks between September and November 2016 and their Cu concentration was determined using atomic absorption spectroscopy. Conventional methods were used to prepare all these samples. Cu concentration in milk samples showed high levels (0.02 to 0.07mg/L) which is higher than the maximum level recommended (0.01mg/L) by FAO and WHO. Cu concentration was significantly higher in summer than in autumn. However, hair samples results (3.04–6.88mg/kg) did not provide a clear impact by season. The concentration of Cu in different fodder types varied significantly (1.08–16.06 mg/Kg). Manure Cu concentrations ranged from 10.70to 16.63 mg/kg but there were no distinctions between weeks or seasons. Considering the discrepancy of copper concentrations at inputs (feed) and outputs (manure, hair, milk) for a dairy cow, it can be concluded that there are other factors contributing to the copper concentration within the cow system.
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