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Title: Heavy metal pollution in the environment and their toxicological effects on humans
Authors: Briffa, Jessica
Sinagra, Emmanuel
Blundell, Renald
Keywords: Heavy metals -- Environmental aspects
Soils -- Environmental aspects
Air -- Analysis
Water -- Analysis
Agriculture -- Environmental aspects
Earth sciences
Environmental sciences
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd.
Citation: Briffa, J., Sinagra, E., & Blundell R. (2020). Heavy metal pollution in the environment and their toxicological effects on humans. Heliyon, 6, 1-26
Abstract: Environmental pollution of heavy metals is increasingly becoming a problem and has become of great concern due to the adverse effects it is causing around the world. These inorganic pollutants are being discarded in our waters, soils and into the atmosphere due to the rapidly growing agriculture and metal industries, improper waste disposal, fertilizers and pesticides. This review shows how pollutants enter the environment together with their fate. Some metals affect biological functions and growth, while other metals accumulate in one or more different organs causing many serious diseases such as cancer. The pharmacokinetics and toxicological processes in humans for each metal is described. In summary, the review shows the physiological and biochemical effects of each heavy metal bioaccumulation in humans and the level of gravity and disquieting factor of the disease.
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