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Title: Polymer therapeutics in surgery : the next frontier
Authors: Azzopardi, Ernest A.
Conlan, R. Steven
Whitaker, Iain S.
Keywords: Polymers -- Therapeutic use
Polymeric drug delivery systems
Polymers in medicine
Surgery, Operative
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Citation: Azzopardi, E. A., Conlan, R. S., & Whitaker, I. S. (2016). Polymer therapeutics in surgery: the next frontier. Journal of Interdisciplinary Nanomedicine, 1(1), 19-29.
Abstract: Polymer therapeutics is a successful branch of nanomedicine, which is now established in several facets of everyday practice. However, to our knowledge, no literature regarding the application of the underpinning principles, general safety, and potential of this versatile class to the perioperative patient has been published. This study provides an overview of polymer therapeutics applied to clinical surgery, including the evolution of this demand-oriented scientific field, cutting-edge concepts, its implications, and limitations, illustrated by products already in clinical use and promising ones in development. In particular, the effect of design of polymer therapeutics on biophysical and biochemical properties, the potential for targeted delivery, smart release, and safety are addressed. Emphasis is made on principles, giving examples in salient areas of demand in current surgical practice. Exposure of the practising surgeon to this versatile class is crucial to evaluate and maximise the benefits that this established field presents and to attract a new generation of clinician–scientists with the necessary knowledge mix to drive highly successful innovation.
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