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Title: The chronically blocked ear – a dive into external auditory exostosis
Authors: Montebello, Bianca
Vella, Stephanie
Grech, Reuben
Keywords: Ear -- Diseases -- Case studies
Ear -- Diseases -- Diagnosis
Exostosis -- Case studies
Temporal bone -- Tomography
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: British Institute of Radiology
Citation: Montebello, B., Vella, S., & Grech, R. (2022). The chronically blocked ear – a dive into external auditory exostosis. BJR Case Reports, 8, 20220010.
Abstract: Numerous papers have reported the presence of reactive but benign bony exostosis in the external auditory canal of swimmers; of both cold and warm water. This outgrowth may lead to stenosis of the canal with associated complications such as repeated cerumen impaction, infections and also hearing loss. In this case report, we will present the case of a 62-year- old gentleman who was referred for imaging by an ENT specialist following difficulty with visualisation of the tympanic membrane during otoscopy.
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