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BA in Linguistics

The BA programme in General Linguistics offered by the Institute of Linguistics is a programme for talented and focused students with an interest in the properties of human language and the ways in which they can be accounted for in a unified and systematic way. Our programme is highly multidisciplinary and incorporates theoretical and applied linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics and corpus-based approaches, as well as computational applications.

Linguistics students will develop an understanding of the way language works through their exposure to a coherent framework of concepts and terminology for describing it. A wide range of linguistic phenomena from different languages are typically used as data and for illustration. These include languages we may be familiar with, such as Maltese, English and Italian, as well as other, like Aztec, Czech, West Greenlandic and Vietnamese, to pick a few random examples. The study of Sign Languages also forms part of the Linguistics programme.

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"A course in Linguistics does not only allow you to rediscover things you thought you already knew and to contemplate ideas you've never entertained before. It also provides a unique view into one of the things which make us human. Being able to take a look at our linguistic ability and in turn the human mind in this light has been a truly fascinating experience for me."
Marthese Borg, 3rd-year BA(Hons) student

BA course requirements

General university entry requirements hold for the course.



"The Linguistics programme at the University of Malta provided me with the skills, knowledge and curiosity to pursue further research. After three years learning from a fantastic group of knowledgeable and approachable lecturers, I am doing a Masters at the University of Oxford using the tools they helped to obtain."
Becky Vella Muscat, BA(Hons) graduate

Employment opportunities

With a solid background in Linguistics, you are well-placed to pursue a career in areas such as language pedagogy, journalism and communications, and translation and interpreting among many other things. Many opportunities for further study and specialization exist. Our students often go on to specalise in areas such as theoretical and anthropological linguistics, experimental psycholinguistics, neuroscience, or computational linguistics.

"As a new Sign Language Interpreter I owe so much to my Linguistics background. It has not only been essential in securing my job, but it is also an asset for my continuous professional growth."
Sarah Agius, BA(Hons) graduate

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Linguistics Circle (13 March)

Dr. Pawel Rutkowski, University of Warsaw

Title: What corpus data can tell us about sign language grammar: The case of Polish Sign Language

Date: Wednesday 13th March 12-14

Venue: GW154



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