About us

About us

European Space Technology

Our aims

Electronic Systems design faces some unique and formidable challenges when its products are placed outside the relative protection of the Earth's atmosphere. The wide temperature swings, the corrosive action of ionized gases, the high levels of ionizing radiation and the very low pressure greatly exacerbate the failure mechanisms of most systems, and the inaccessibility for repair and maintenance generally compounds the problem. The great cost of putting devices into orbit also places severe constraints on size, mass and energy consumption. 

This research group was formed to investigate and address such technical problems. Novel space technologies may arise as a result, which may also find important applications in earth-bound scenarios. This could only be achieved by combining the expertise of several specialists brought-in from a wide range of engineering and science disciplines.

Our research interests

  • Reliability Engineering
    Radiation Hardening of Components
    Fault Tolerant Embedded Software/Hardware
    Verification and Validation of Software/Hardware
    Failure Mode Analysis
    Material Degradation Analysis

  • Miniaturisation of Space Systems
    Nano/Pico/Femto Satellite (eg: CubeSat) and Micro-Rover Design
    High Density PCB Level Design

  • Long Range Communications
    Radio Communications and Antenna design
    Free Space Optical Communication
    Error Control Coding

  • Attitude and Orbital Control Systems (AOCS)
    Optimal Control of Orbital Manoeuvres
    Attitude Control and Determination in Low Earth Orbit
    Micro-Thruster Design and Control
    Swarm Robotics

  • Power Generation and Management
    Micro-Power Design
    Energy Harvesting
    High Efficiency Solar Power & MPPT
    Redundant Energy Distribution

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