Our contributors

Research Group Coordinator

Group Founder & Coordinator
Electronic Systems Specialist
Radio Communication Specialist
Swarm Intelligence Specialist

Academic contributors

Dr Ing. Andrew Sammut
Navigation Specialist
Data Fusion Specialist

Ing. Evan Dimech
Reliability Engineering Specialist
EMC Specialist

Dr Ing. Marvin K. Bugeja
Control Engineering Specialist
Computational Intelligence Specialist

Prof. Ing. Pierluigi Mollicone
Computational Stress Analysis & FEA Specialist

Semiconductor Materials & Characterization Specialist
Photovoltaics Specialist

Fault Tolerant Computing & Error Control Coding Specialist
Digital Communication Specialist

Prof. Ing. Simon Fabri
Adaptive Control Specialist
Intelligent Control Specialist
Non Linear Control Specialist

Prof. Gordon Pace
Formal Methods, Runtime Verification and Controlled Natural Languages

Dr Ing. Maurizio Fenech
Materials Specialist

Remote Sensing Specialist

Dr Ing. Owen Casha
RF Electronics Specialist
Microelectronics Specialist

Francesca Ferrando
Legal Consultant
Space Law Specialist
Compliance Specialist
Int. Institute of Air & Space Law
Leiden University
Tel: +356 9925 7410

Technical contributors

Ing. Reuben Debono
Systems Engineer
Micro Manufacturing Specialist
3D Printing Specialist