Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi

Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi

Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi

  B.Eng.(Hons)(Melit.),M.Phil.(Melit.),Ph.D.(Cran.), S.M.I.E.E.E.,M.A.I.A.A.

Senior Lecturer

Room 329
Engineering Building
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2405
Dr Ing. Marc Anthony Azzopardi's relationship with electrical engineering traces back to early childhood with over 30 years experience in electronics. He wrote his first GWBasic software programs at age 4 on a Zilog Z80 Sinclair Spectrum, constructed his first oscillators at age 8, blew-up his parents' washroom-turned-laboratory at age 10 and started formal training in electronics at the Fellenberg Training Centre, aged 13.

Dr Azzopardi went on to graduate with an Honours degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malta (UoM) in 2002, majoring in Control, VLSI and Communications. For his final year project, he obtained a distinction for applying modern FPGAs and reconfigurable computing for communications applications. Using Virtex FPGAs he developed a family of Viterbi Decoders and multimillion-gate COFDM and TCM modules for software radio applications.

Following an internship as product engineer for automotive devices with STMicroelectronics, he rejoined UoM to embark on a research career. He has been with the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering ever since, carrying out applied research. Through collaboration with STMicroelectronics (Catania), he developed low voltage analogue 180nm CMOS circuits for use in CATV.

Dr Azzopardi maintains an active interest in biomedical electronics. Previous work involved Fast Cyclic Voltammetry for neurotransmitter discrimination in living tissue.

Dr Azzopardi was involved in the development of driver/pilot head localization hardware for use in the automotive/aerospace sectors, for point of gaze and eye-blink/saccade measurement. A high performance camera synchronization technique was developed for which Dr Azzopardi holds an international patent and is currently actively seeking commercialization.

A scholarship took Dr Azzopardi's research career to the UK where he obtained his Ph.D. in aeronautics from Cranfield University. He specialized in Intelligent Transport Systems and Computational Air Traffic Management (CATM) based on Swarm Robotics. On his return in 2015, he refocused his interests to advanced electronics and set up the Astrionics Research Group to prepare for Malta's first satellite space mission.

During his free time Dr Azzopardi enjoys hacking nanodrones, scubadiving, photography, especially marine photography as well as trekking in the great outdoors.
  • Spacecraft Design and Reliability Engineering
  • NewSpace Engineering
  • Analogue/Digital Electronic Signal Processing
  • Computational Air Traffic Management
  • Machine Vision, Biomedical Electronics
  • Optimisation and Operations Research
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems: Aerospace, Automotive, Marine

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  • ENR5026 - Science Communication in Engineering
  • ESE2103 - Operational Amplifiers
  • ESE3101 - Signal Conditioning and Data Conversion
  • ESE4105 - Radio Electronic Systems
Professional Affiliations:
CoE__Malta Chamber of Engineers
IEEE__Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
AIAA__The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Project Involvement:
Project: FLUENT/TRAKE - Principal_Investigator
Subject: Fault_toLerant attitUde & orbital dEtermnation & coNtrol platform for
Start: 2020_10_01, End: 2023_10_01, Duration: 36_months, Project Value: €100k
Partners: 1, Contract Type: Academic Project, Project Status: Ongoing

Project: ASTREA (R&I_MCST) - Principal_Investigator
Subject: Radiation tolErance teSting Of picosateLlite sUbsysTEms. Ref: R&I_2018_002T,
Start: 2020_05_19, End: 2023_11_19, Duration: 42_months, Project Value: €211k,
Partners: 2, Contract Type: Commercialization Project, Project Status: Ongoing

Project: RESOLUTE (MCST) - Principal_Investigator
Subject: Radiation tolErance teSting Of picosateLlite sUbsysTEms. Ref: CNES-2019-1
Start: 2019_09_01, End: 2021_12_31, Duration: 28_months, Project Value: €50k,
Partners: 1, Contract Type: Capacity Building, Project Status: Ongoing

Project: MEMENTO (R&I_MCST) - Principal_Investigator
Subject: Multi camEra high fraMe ratE syNchronisaTiOn. Ref: R&I_2015_024T,
Start: 2016_04_01, End: 2019_04_01, Duration: 36_months, Project Value: €210k,
Partners: 2, Contract Type: Commercialization Project, Project Status: Completed

Project: FLYSAFE (FP6) - UM Participant
Subject: Airborne integrated systems for safety improvement, flight hazard protection
all weather operations. Ref: 516167, Start: 2005_02_01, End: 2009_08_31,
Duration: 55_months, Project Cost: €53M Number of Partners: 36, Contract Type:
Integrated Project, Project Status: Completed

Project: SENSATION (FP6) - UM Participant
Subject: Advanced sensor development for attention, stress, vigilance &
monitoring, Ref: 507231, Start: 2004_01_01, End: 2008_04_30,
Duration: 52_months, Project Cost: €16.44M, Partners: 43, Contract Type:
Integrated Project, Project Status: Completed

Intellectual Property:
Azzopardi, M.A., Method and Apparatus for Generating and Transmitting Synchronized
Data, PCT Patent, PCT/EP2009/061553, University of Malta, The International Bureau of
WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland, Filed: 2009_09_07, Priority: Malta 2008_09_11
Malta 2010_04_12 (MT#4230),
Japan 2014_06_04 (JP5512683),
USA 2014_02_18 (US8654251),
Europe 2018_10_31 (EP2332339B1)

Academic Awards:
2020_Award for Medical Innovation - Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP), JCI Malta
2020_First Prize - MDIA Award for Innovative Technologies in Response to COVID-19
2011_Best Paper Award, IEEE/AIAA Digital Avionics System Conference, (DASC2011)
2006_Malta Government Scholarship Scheme (MGSS) Ph.D. Scholarship in Avionics at
2000_Young Scientist Award - World Young Researchers for the Environment (WYRE)
1998 & 1997 LIYSF - London International Youth Science Forum, as Maltese delegate