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    Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Committee

Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Committee

The Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity Committee works on several areas including the identification of sources of unequal opportunities or treatment with respect to gender, and promotes a policy of equal opportunity.

The Committee was originally set up in 1991 in order to act as a focal point on gender issues on the recommendations of the Women in Society Secretariat. According to its terms of reference, the Committee advises the University Council on issues of gender equality.

The Committee also receives and monitors complaints from University staff and students with regard to sex discriminatory practices with the recommendation of appropriate action, and liaises closely with the sexual harassment advisors. We promote teaching and research that reflect the knowledge, experience, and aspirations of both men and women.

Ongoing work includes the establishment of networks with individuals and organisations with similar objectives, from outside the University and those in the international scene. We seek ways of raising the profile of UM staff and students. One of our initiatives has been a Mentoring Scheme for students. We have also collaborated with the Health Promotion Department to create a DegreePlus module for students; the students participate in interactive discussions about different aspects of maintaining a healthy lifestyle