Ecosystem of support


Creating an Ecosystem of Infrastructure and Support


This section is part of the Strategic Plan 2020-2025, which sets out the goals and priorities for the University, its faculties, departments, centres, institutes and schools. 


   Enabling Strategies


  • Create an ecosystem of infrastructure and support
  • Create an ecosystem of support services and infrastructure
  • Allocate resources equitably through systematic processes
  • Conduct evidence-based decisions on resources and sustainable initiatives
  • Synergise existing expertise and diminish duplication of resources
  • Promote management initiatives and practices that increase productivity and align operational processes to organisational objectives


For the University to achieve the objectives of the Strategic Plan, we need to create an ecosystem of infrastructure and educational support, which promotes an environment conducive to high-quality teaching and research. Our students and staff require support and guidance when engaging in learning programmes or when conducting research to allow them to perform impactful work with relevance to academia, industry and society. Learning and study environments and the ancillary infrastructure of support services can be powerful enablers of knowledge creation, research, innovation and sustainability.  

Equitable Allocation of Resources

The supply of support services must be fair, equitable, innovative and practical to empower students and staff to maximise their output and involvement in learning. The allocation of resources will continue to be based on accurate information on educational needs and evaluated by a transparent and systematic process.

Evidence-Based Management

It is vital to encourage evidence-based decision-making and to balance the University’s commendable desire for new initiatives with a proper evaluation that the projects are sustainable in the long term.

Synergy and Efficiency

In order to supply educational programmes and cutting-edge research, the University community requires specialised and up-to-date administrative expertise for the indiscriminate provision of human resources, financial services, estates planning, information technology, legal frameworks, procurement, communications, student processes, library services and research support. As part of our pragmatic approach, the University will recognise and follow through on management initiatives that increase productivity and align operational processes, which enable students and staff to support the vision of the University. 

We will continue to develop the University’s educational programmes and research partnerships. It is essential that faculties, departments, centres, institutes and schools collaborate to build a sustainable financial foundation by creating synergies, improving student processes, and avoiding the duplication of programmes, resources and costs throughout the organisation. 




The Strategic Development Process for the University of Malta is organised by the team dedicated to Strategic Planning and Enterprise. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our strategic planning process, whilst identifying opportunities to assist students and staff in meeting University's objectives. Contact us here